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Dan Campbell was “fired up” by fight at Tuesday’s practice

Before the Lions’ first padded practice on Tuesday, head coach Dan Campbell shared a story from his first training camp as a player that involved him getting in a fight

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Role of dopamine in consciousness

Consciousness is arguably the most important scientific topic there is. Without consciousness, there would after all be no science. But while we all know what it is like to be

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Chevron Phillips Chemical failed to report imports of 18 toxic chemicals, letters show

Chevron Phillips Chemical Company [RIC:RIC:CHEPH.UL] failed to disclose to regulators significant amounts of at least 18 toxic chemicals imported to the United States over the past several years, as required

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Nissan cuts starting price of its electric Leaf to under $30,000

Nissan’s Leaf 2022 range starts at just $27,400, making it the cheapest mass market electric car currently available in the US, according to Electrek. That starting price drops to as

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Man says service on flight was “abhorrent” after he refused to move for family

A man says air hostesses gave him “abhorrent service” after he refused to move seats on a plane so a family could sit together. On his second 10-hour flight, the

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