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Saints sign Adonis Alexander

The Saints have been busy when it comes to adding cornerbacks to the roster this week. Prince Amukamara and KeiVarae Russell agreed to deals with the team on Monday and

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New drug molecules could prevent skin aging caused by sun exposure

Two new molecules that generate minute amounts of the gas hydrogen sulfide have been found to prevent skin from aging after being exposed to ultraviolet light found in sunlight. Sunburn

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Chinese market regulator strengthens protection for food delivery workers

Food delivery platforms in China are being pushed to guarantee their workers with income above minimum pay, insurance and a relaxation in delivery deadlines, under a set of reforms announced

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Colleges across the US and Canada are adopting virtual student IDs

Apple Wallet has supported contactless student IDs since 2018, with three US universities supporting the feature at launch. The program has been gradually expanding ever since. Yesterday, the company announced

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Was This Viral Emirates Ad Really Filmed On Top Of Burj Khalifa?

UAE-based airlines Emirates recently released an ad filmed on top of the world’s tallest building, and it instantly created a huge buzz on social media. The 30-second ad features Nicole

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