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Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi led the US women’s basketball team to their seventh consecutive gold medal at the Olympics, beating Japan on the historic last day in Tokyo. They are often seen together and have been described as two of the greatest teammates in the history of sports. The terrific duo has served their country for almost two decades. This was their fifth time winning Olympic gold for the US in basketball. On Tuesday, though, we got to see another side of the entire US team after Ms Bird shared on Twitter a video of their celebrations after their victory.

The focus, though, was Ms Taurasi. Let us explain. The 31-second video begins with a conversation between a journalist and Ms Taurasi on the sidelines. “I don’t dance for free,” Ms Taurasi told the journalist. “What about for a gold medal? @DianaTaurasi,” wrote Sue Bird while sharing the video.

The video then cuts to show Diana Taurasi, along with the entire team, dancing to the tunes of one of the hit numbers of American rapper Cardi B.

Fans loved the video and reacted with appreciation for both the athletes. This fan, though, took a screenshot of Bird showing her gold medal in the video and said: “I’m here for this energy!”

On August 8, the US women’s basketball team defeated Japan 90-75 in the gold medal match at the Tokyo Olympics. The US also finished at the top of the medal tally with 39 gold medals, 41 silvers, and 33 bronze medals, making it 113 in total. While Ms Bird has turned 41, Ms Taurasi is 39 and many say that this could well have been the last time the world saw them on the Olympics stage. But never say never.